Our thinking

Cordex Consulting represents a new approach to consulting: one that truly understands the complexities of change, that understands the complexity of the Brazilian and international market,  value ‘doing’ as highly as ‘thinking’, that  engages the client in all phases of any project.

We do not work for you, we work with you !

Clients come to us because they are looking for a partner rather than a supplier. Wether your company needs business advice about how to access the Brazilian Market, commercial representation services, or any of the other specialized services we offer, our  They get to work with highly skilled professionals who understand their business – and have the expertise necessary to help solve the challenges they face. Their project is in the hands of passionate people who want to make a difference to the company or organisation they are working for.

Cordex offers a unique approach to consulting and we believe in creating impact in the world through collaborative consulting.

Thus, if you need any of the following services, contact our experts, and we will get back to you in less than 48 hours :

•    Commercial Representation of foreign companies in Brazil (and in other Latin American countries);
•    Commercial Representation of Brazilian companies worldwide;
•    Full advisory services about how to access the Brazilian and Latin American Market;
•    Cost Reduction Projects for companies of all sizes;
•    Sales Leverage Projects;
•    Audit;
•    International Trade and Logistics Consulting;
•    Supplier’s evaluation and qualification, and risk analysis;
•    New supplier’s development (in Brazil and worldwide);
•    Creation, improvement and audit of Compliance programs;
•    Strategic Sourcing (in Brazil and worldwide);
•    Production site follow up and technical inspection services;